Guess which Story Is True

The Scary Night

Five years ago, when I was at home playing FIFA with my brother, my mom called me and my brother to eat dinner. I wasn’t really hungry but I decided to eat with my family because I didn’t want to stay in my room alone. When I went to the kitchen to start eating my favorite meal of spaghetti with tomato sauce, the lights turned off, and my family and I heard a really loud sound coming from the basement. My dad went quickly to the basement, but there was nothing wrong there. My dad decided to call our neighbors to see if they had the same problem, and they said that they had no power at their houses, and they had tried to call one twelve (the emergency number in Syria) but no one answered. My dad called his friends in other neighborhoods to see if they had power in their houses or not, but they said that they did. However, my family and I decided to deal with it, and continued eating dinner in the dark. After eating our dinner, we usually drink a cup of tea with chocolate, but we couldn’t because there was no electricity, so we had to eat only chocolate and headed to bed. My mom gave each one of us one candle so if we wanted to go to another room then we would be able to see. That night, I decided to bring my bed to my brother’s room and sleep there because his room was warm. Around ten o’clock, I heard a weird sound coming from the woods. When I asked my brother if he heard the sound, he started laughing, and he said, “Yeah, the ghosts are coming to our house to kill all of us.” I thought maybe I was wrong, and the sound that I heard might be the wind. After a couple of minutes, I heard the same sound and I was sure that it came from our yard. Everyone in my house was sleeping, and I didn’t want to wake them, so I decided to go downstairs. Also, I decided to bring my special drumstick to defend myself in case I was in trouble. Then, I opened up the back door to see what was making the noise, and I saw a little white cat was staying outside the house, feeling cold, and knocking at the back door to get in. Therefore, I decided to bring it inside my garage and give it some food with milk, and I went back to bed. The next day, we woke up to the sounds of our television because the power was back on, and my brother and I headed to school.


The Day That I Was Close To Death

In the state of Maine, it’s really common to see students reading at their houses on school days because of the bad weather. That’s why the drivers in Maine should be able to learn how to drive in snow and sunny days. Last year, when I was doing my homework at my house, I saw my dad getting ready to go outside to pick up the present that he bought from L.L.Bean for my brother’s birthday. In that day, we had a storm, so we had to celebrate my brother’s birthday at home. I asked my dad to go with him, and he didn’t mind. When we went to the garage, my dad unlocked my mom’s car instead of his because her car is huge, and better than his. I asked my dad if I could drive the car so I could practice driving in the snow, and I promised him I would drive under the speed limit. After two minutes of whining to my dad, he agreed I could drive. I started the car and began driving slowly because the roads were too slippery, and weren’t cleaned by the snowplows. At first, I was able to control the car, but then I was struggling with driving on the highway because I had to drive from Falmouth to Lewiston, which took me around forty minutes. While I was driving on the highway, I saw a big snowplow cleaning the right lane, and it was driving twenty-five miles per hour under the speed limit. Furthermore, all the cars in front of me were passing it. I told my dad that I had to move to the left lane to pass the snowplow, but it wasn’t easy for me to do so because I was a beginner driver in the snow. I had to wait until the two lanes behind me were completely empty of cars, and then I moved into the left lane. The left lane was worse than the right lane because it wasn’t cleaned at all, and I couldn’t really control the car as well as I could in the right lane. Therefore, I decided to move back to the right lane and stay behind the snowplow. When I tried to move from the left lane back to the right lane, I lost control of the car, and I accidently pushed the brake pedal which caused the car to slip. At that time, my dad told me to take my foot off the brake pedal and try to regain control of the car, which I was able to do. I was lucky there were no cars behind me because I’m sure if there were, then I would have  crashed the car. So, I decided to drive behind the snowplow until I took exit twenty. Eventually, we arrived at L.L. Bean and picked up my brother’s present. My dad drove all the way back home because I was exhausted from my big adventure.