The Magical Moment

by Joseph Nano

I was sitting in the commons at my school,

writing my AP statistics homework when I

heard her footsteps on the floor,

which made my heart beat so fast

and maybe faster than the acceleration of a Ferrari.  

It was the second time it had happened to me,

and I knew that it was her, the girl who

turned my life upside down.

I saw her tall shadow guarding her from the back,

and I heard her affectionate voice from the end of the hallway.

I waited one nanosecond, and I saw the shiny sun from

her hair that I had not seen for days.

And I looked at her eyes, and I saw the blue ocean

that drove my thinking all the way to heaven.

She was wearing a white Ralph Lauren vest and

a blue shirt that reminded me of the sky with clear clouds.

She turned right and entered Room 325, which is a French class.

I was revived by her soft foot steps,

still stunned by her beauty, even after she

left the hallway.

I started sitting in the same place every day,

waiting for her to show up, and

writing poems to describe my natural, powerful feelings for her.

Every time I close my eyes, I imagine her.