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Nano’s 21st Birthday

For his 21st Birthday, Nano decided to do something special to thank his community for all the support. Nano was inspired by a video that Boston College posted on social media which challenges students to think about others before themselves. A few days before his birthday, his roommates helped him to make thirty sandwiches. On his birthday, Nano went to Boston with his friend to give out the sandwiches to as many homeless people as they could.

Also, Nano wants to thank his “very talented and supporting roommates”, Zach Lynch, Thomas Schloo , Shaghayan Ravishankar, Daniel Haile, Weitao Liu, Michael Amadeo, and Quintin Bet. Also, he wants to thank his friend Andrew Gregory for his incredible help in Boston. Nano is so thankful for the values that he has learned from Boston College, Falmouth, and Syria.

Enjoy watching the video.

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