Save The World

Written by Joseph Nano, illustrated by John Rioux

—- —– —- —– —- —– —- —– —- —–

Open your eyes,

and look at what happened to the world.

There is no light,

and no love.

The water doesn’t look the same—

it’s not clear anymore.

It turned to blood from people’s hate,

and it’s spreading around the world.

If you don’t stop it,

many people will die,

including kids,

who will drink it instead of water.

Millions of people have died from this deadly water,

but let’s think about the future.

There is still hope somewhere.

Let’s forget about the past,

and start with a new page.

A white page with colorful flowers,

and these flowers will be planted

by future generations.

Are they in your yard yet?

You should smell them.

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