Does this film depict Globalization as being inevitable?

Before seeing the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” I thought that globalization is not inevitable because it’s based on the choices that we make in life and the willingness to grow and achieve higher goals. However, the movie shows that globalization is inevitable. For example, the movie talks about the significance of sea exploration, gold, ideology, and advanced weapons for globalization. In the second scene of the movie, Will Turner, one of the leading characters, is found as a child by British marines and brought back to Britain so he can grow up there. Turner quickly learns about British culture and starts thinking and wearing clothes like them. Globalization can bring people together and introduce them to new ideas. Even though Turner is a pirate, the British empire encourages him to practice their culture by wearing similar clothes and sharing ideas, such as hating pirates and following the king’s commands. In the movie, the British are seen as the most educated and technologically advanced, they had modern weapons, for example, showing that globalization is inevitable. Since technology and education meant power, pirates and the British were advancing their weapons in order to control and conquer more lands. Later in the movie, some of the pirates ended up working with the British empire to save Elizabeth Swann, one of the leading characters, from the island that had lots of gold. The movie shows how pirates and the British empire were obsessed with gold, which was a big factor in driving globalization throughout history, and that made them help each other to achieve their interests of saving Elizabeth and stealing the gold. The British empire was obsessed with gold and made palaces from it. Pirates were always exploring for gold even though they had to travel far distances to find it. Sea exploration, gold, ideology, and weapons are shown in the movie as the reason why globalization would be inevitable.

In addition to sea exploration, gold, ideology, and advanced weapons, the movie shows how the power of the British military was enforcing globalization. In one of the scenes, the movie shows British military protecting the British castle from any kind of invasion. The pirates in the movie are originally European. Pirates were interested in taking some of the British’s power by stealing gold. Piracy caused an economic boom since the British military was constantly protecting Britain from pirates and the Western military was increasingly coming to help the British in order to protect themselves from pirates. In other words, piracy was a result of globalization and caused a significant increase in the population in Britain. Clearly, pirates were interested in stealing the gold from the British government. This caused the government to draft more soldiers to defend their economy. Britain was globalized in order to sustain their economy which shows how globalization can be inevitable. I think the movie changed my mind about globalization whether its inevitable. The movie shows how money or gold can bring people together in order to achieve their goals. With people united, that gave the British more military force to globalize the world.