The Green Combat Uniform

by Joseph Nano


He always wore blue clothes,

A blue that matched the sky and ocean.

The ocean that took all of his worries far away

And the sky that gave him peace and love.


He’s not the same person he was 18 years ago.

His hair is no longer brushed and his face isn’t washed.

The blue clothes that meant happiness changed into green and

hands that used to hold his princess’s hold a rifle.


He is going for a night shift just like other days.

Holding his black sniper and hoping the enemy stays away.

Enemy’s attack starts and the sound of shooting begins.

His sweaty fingers are repeatedly pressing on the trigger, so it ends the fight.


God said his word; he lies on the battlefield, not on the beach,

Wishing the end of his path as if it weren’t doomed.

Thinking of the things that he never had, and

Pulling the snapshot of his beloved woman to his heart.


He said sorry, I know that I promised you I’d come back, and

I said that we will have a big wooden house filled with kids running around.

He said, Yes the war lied to you, and I will never touch your skin anymore.

His eyes closed, and his heart stopped beating.