Sometimes, one little action can turn people upside down and convert them from  peaceful, pure humans to angry, furious wicked beasts. In the movie Hamlet, the death of Hamlet’s father made Hamlet willing to revenge for his father’s death by killing the only suspect who was his uncle. However, revenge was an act of suicide to Hamlet and caused death of his mother, uncle, best friend, and his girlfriend. Killings also shows how Matt Fowler and Richard Strout commit crimes as a revenge for their son’s death which  ruins their lives. In today’s world, the issue and the actions between Palestine and Israel are similar to the movie Hamlet and Killings.  Palestine and Israel both are fighting each other to achieve revenge for previous acts In other words, it’s really important to not repeat the mistakes of others, especially if they murdered somebody because the consequence of revenge is often death to innocent people.

In the movie Hamlet, Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, kills the king who is Hamlet’s dad to become a king. Hamlet does not know about that until the ghost of his father appears one night saying that Claudius actually murdered him by pouring poison in his ear: Ghost: Revenge his foul and most unnatural murther..Hamlet: Murhter!…Ghost: Murther most foul, as in the best it is (I, 5, ll. 25-31). This boils Hamlet’s blood to revenge for his father. However, Hamlet decides to use some tricks to know whether the ghost of his father was right or not. After Hamlet finds that Claudius is the killer, he decides to seek revenge by killing him. Things don’t turn out well because there are consequences for every revenge. Ophelia, the girl who falls in love with Hamlet, commits suicide after the death of her father, who was accidently killed by Hamlet. Then Hamlet’s mother dies from a poison drink that was actually for Hamlet. After that, Hamlet kills Laertes after a long sword battle. Last but not least, Hamlet kills Claudius after he hears from Laertes that Claudius is the one who’s responsible for the death of his mother. Finally, Hamlet dies as a result of the injury that he got from Laertes. Clearly, Hamlet, Hamlet’s mother, and Laertes could have lived much longer if Hamlet found another way for punishing Claudius instead of pursuing revenge.

The story Killings reveals how people’s revenge can lead to the destruction of people’s lives. Matt Fowler had a kid who was murdered by Richard Strout. Richard Strout murdered Matt’s son, Frank, because he was dating his wife, while the divorce was still pending. Matt couldn’t see his wife suffering for the death of her son and see the murderer free outside of jail, therefore he decided to revenge: “it angers Matt and saddens Ruth as the murderer of their son had gotten away without being punished” (Dubus, Killings). In other words, Matt and his friends decided to kidnap Richard and then kill him. Although, the death of Richard made Matt’s wife, Ruth, happy, it made Matt feel depressed. Matt went to isolation after he became a murderer just like Richard who killed his son. In conclusion, Matt repeated the same mistake that Richard made by murdering Richard which ended him in pain and isolated from people and family because he couldn’t tell his children what he did to Richard: “She was holding him, wanting him, and he wished he could make love with her but he could not. He saw Frank and Mary Ann making love in her bed… alive” (Dubus, Killings). This shows that although, revenge brought Frank back to life, it made Matt feel like he didn’t do the right thing.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine has existed since the mid-20th century. Palestinians still don’t accept the entrance of Israel to their lands. As a result of this conflict, certain organizations from Palestinians who are known now as terrorists keep bombing places in Israel so they leave their country. As a response, Israel seeks revenge for the things that they’re losing from terrorists’ attacks. Israel and Palestine both don’t understand they will never reach their goals if they didn’t come up with a solution that would be good with both sides. Also, both of the sides did not understand yet that revenging is not going to return things that they lost. To sum up, Israel and Palestine are both repeating the same mistakes again and again by revenging, which is causing death to innocent people.

To summarize, Hamlet in the movie Hamlet, Matt Fowler in the movie Killings, Palestine and Israel, all revenged as a response to the other side’s actions. As a result of Hamlet and Matt’s revenge lots of innocent people died. In today’s world, Israel and Palestine are both revenging as a result of the other’s actions. However, All countries and people around the world should understand that revenging will never get things back to where they were and their actions can be harmful to future generations that will be born in countries filled of hate. There are always rules and laws that protect human rights. Therefore, to prevent death of innocent people and to make a better life to future generations, people should not revenge.